My Mum Is My Mum



The woman in the picture above is my darling mother. She is a lover of many things, good books, good food, The Good Lord Jesus Christ, to name but a few.

However, there are things she doesn’t like. Inclement weather. Lacklustre organisation. And rap music. She is not a lover of rap music. Which is a problem because I, her best and favourite son, am of the opinion that rap music is a thing to be celebrated. And I’ve decided it’s time to bridge the gap in our cultural tastes. Why now? Because:

a) I can’t fucking stand listening Christian Alt-Rock in the car any more.
b) I can’t afford my own car.

So, every few days, I’m going to send her a song to review, which will then be posted on here with some additional commentary. She might not find Chief Keef everything to her taste, but I’m hoping that over time, she’ll turn from this to this. We’re going to make my mother a rap fan, as sure as Tupac is alive and living in Disneyland.

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