Mum Reviews: Snoop Dogg – Gin and Juice

Mum Reviews

To start her on her journey to rap nirvana, mum was given Gin and Juice from Snoop Dogg’s 1992 classic, Doggystyle. Her review is below. Sorry Snoop, I tried.


Mum, what did you think?

“I did not like the song, if indeed that’s what one calls it! There didn’t seem to be a tune to it, and I have always struggled with thick American accents with poor enunciation. If you can’t make out the words, then to my mind it makes the whole purpose of the song futile.”

You’re doing this next.


What about the lyrics?

“I have never warmed to music which feels it has to make an impact by inserting vulgar words. I mean, look at Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, and Eric Clapton. They saw no need for it…”

This is the same Eric Clapton who screamed on stage, “THROW THE WOGS OUT, KEEP BRITAIN WHITE!”

“I am unsure of the message this song gives out… but from what I did pick up, it was to do with pimps, whores, drugs and booze?  If so why would people be interested in such things to influence their life? I find it concerning that this kind of music gets so much exposure.

This is going to be a lot less fun than I originally thought.


Anything else?

“I guess the only plus side was the cathartic chorus. I can imagine how people would get hooked on humming that.”

Yeah, that chorus is certainly… cathartic.


MumRank: 1/10

Things can only get better.


snoop dogg looking confused


Hating The Game




Why doesn’t my mum like rap music? Is it an age thing? Is it a culture thing? Is it an “n-word” thing? Hear it from the lady herself.


Mum, why don’t you like rap music?

“I don’t really enjoy the thumping beat of rap music and often can’t understand the words due to poor pronunciation and enunciation.”

If there’s a more Middle England response to any question ever, I’m yet to hear it.


Okay. Can you name any rappers?

“The only person I’ve heard of is Kayne [sic] West who I think might be a rapper? Was Eminem a rapper?”

Progress! I mean, Kanye is probably gonna call out mum for being a plastic, but whatever. And yes, Eminem is a rapper. You didn’t let me buy The Eminem Show when I was eight years old. YOU KNEW HE WAS A RAPPER THEN.


One of the people below is a rapper. Can you guess which one?

drake rebwil   bronmarkcal

She guessed….







That is The Undertaker, WWE legend and definitely not a rapper. Somewhere in a Toronto strip club, Drake cries a single tear.


What sort of music do you like, Mum?

“I now listen to a lot of worship music, but I used to love reggae, and currently listen to soul and a bit of jazz. So really, mostly black music.”


That last response is pretty interesting. Reggae, soul, jazz, and even worship music, are all huge influences for most rappers. So why is mum so objectionable towards rap, but so embracing of all the elements it’s comprised of? I think that she’s got a preconceived notion of what ‘rap’ music sounds like, and ignores the entire genre as a result. At least I know what she likes now. And, perhaps more importantly, what she hates.

My Mum Is My Mum



The woman in the picture above is my darling mother. She is a lover of many things, good books, good food, The Good Lord Jesus Christ, to name but a few.

However, there are things she doesn’t like. Inclement weather. Lacklustre organisation. And rap music. She is not a lover of rap music. Which is a problem because I, her best and favourite son, am of the opinion that rap music is a thing to be celebrated. And I’ve decided it’s time to bridge the gap in our cultural tastes. Why now? Because:

a) I can’t fucking stand listening Christian Alt-Rock in the car any more.
b) I can’t afford my own car.

So, every few days, I’m going to send her a song to review, which will then be posted on here with some additional commentary. She might not find Chief Keef everything to her taste, but I’m hoping that over time, she’ll turn from this to this. We’re going to make my mother a rap fan, as sure as Tupac is alive and living in Disneyland.