Mum Reviews: A Tribe Called Quest – Steve Biko

Mum Reviews

Last time out, Kendrick managed a 6, which is simultaneously a travesty and a huge success. To attempt to generate some momentum here, I gave her some Tribe to listen to. No swearing, chill vibes, and she’s even got the words this time. CAUTIOUS OPTIMISM ABOUNDS!

“It was interesting trying the follow the song with the words this time. I’m not convinced it has made much difference! Why do they have to speak so fast? What is the attraction when one word drawls into another?”

Cautious optimism rescinded.

“I appreciate that some of these songs if not all wish to give out a message but if people don’t understand what it is because they can’t understand the words, what’s the point? Unlike me, who has had the words in front of me, not everyone has that choice. Are these tunes ever played on the radio? I’ve never heard them on Radio 2?”


“Well he sounded like another very angry young man…”

Men, mum. A whole tribe of them. AND THIS ISN’T ANGRY DAMMIT.

“…there seems to be a lot of angry men doing rap. Is rap associated with venting anger and frustrations with random words which rhyme?”

Did Chief Keef teach you nothing?

MumRank: 4/10

This is a shambles. I want a new mum.

a tribe called quest in black and white