Mum Reviews: DMX – Where The Hood At

Mum Reviews

Because Mum pissed all over Tribe, her new punishment assignment is some DMX. May God have mercy on all our souls.

I found this to be an extremely lengthy and thoroughly unpleasant tune. I don’t really think it warrants being called a song, as this would be an affront to people who try and create real music.

This is gonna go down exactly as expected.

I fail to understand why people would want to shout obscenities in this way? Is this what people called self-expression? There must be a lot of angry people out there who speak a different language to most of us, that’s all I can say!

But he speaks like that all the time, even on rollercoasters!

Amazing though that one can make a tune out of a few repetitive notes really – my generation call it money for old rope! I was thinking maybe I could try my hand at stringing a few sentences and repeating them – what do you think?

LEAVE DMX ALONE. He’s had enough people shitting on his vocabulary already.

My thoughts are that I cannot seriously award any marks for this dirge, and the only impact it has had on me is that I am worried about the younger generations exposure to a language I don’t understand, and messages being conveyed in such an angry and vulgar format disguised in music called ‘RAP’!

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MumRank: -0.

MINUS. ZERO. Is that the same as a regular zero? Fuck do I know.

DMX looking angry as shit

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