Mum Reviews: Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five – The Message

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PAC SAVED US. So now I’m gonna take it back to 1982, to hopefully capture some nostalgia and build some momentum going into mum’s final review.

I quite like this song. It’s got a nice beat to it and I recognised it from my younger years. Is it an old one?


Can some explain to me why all the rap singers portray their songs which are consistent with no hope? What is a fag-hag? Is this a new name for women who smoke? I don’t understand why if he has a knackered sacroiliac joint he says he can’t ‘take a train to the job’! When I had problems with mine, I couldn’t get out of bed!

Completely overlooking the fact that ‘sacroiliac’ was used in a song. SMDH.

This character seems in quite a bad way and lives in an unsavoury location by the sound of it. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to urinate on the stairs unless they are drunk, lazy or both! Anyway I do sympathise with his surroundings and it is unfortunate if you are born into those I guess.

I have pissed on many, many stairs, and I agree with your assessment.

The characters in these rap songs always seem extreme and I am blessed not to have met too many like them. I wonder how many people in reality can connect with them. I like the beat of this song and perhaps also the story although I wish some of these songs have a happy ending.

You’re truly #blessed, ma.

MumRank: 6/10.

A 10 is coming. I can feel it.

grandmaster flash and the furious five looking fly as shit