Mum Reviews: Kendrick Lamar – The Blacker The Berry

Mum Reviews

So far, mum has given Snoop a 1, and Keef a 0. Not great. But if anyone can rescue the sinking ship, Kendrick can. I mean, the worst thing he’s ever done is ‘i’, and even that was alright. LET’S GO K-DOT.

“This song was full of anger, hatred and resentment, and I guess the singer had met with issues over his colour and identity. I was able to understand some of the words in this song and the tone somehow seemed different. This song reminded me of the reggae music I used to listen to as a youngster when working in a predominately black area of London. I guess this song represents that nothing has changed, despite the passing of time.”


“It’s a pity that I couldn’t decipher all the words, as unlike some of the songs I’ve heard, this one sounded as if it had depth. Being of ethnic minority, I find the subject of racial conflict quite interesting. Although we try not to judge people, for me it would never be about how people look, as opposed to other characteristics which I may or may not find desirable.”


“I see this as a positive song with a strong message perhaps to look at how we judge black people and be more considerate towards their feelings. Maybe it teaches us about the hurt we can cause, and enables us to look at the heart.”

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MumRank: 6/10

6?! A 6??!?!111? F.O.H. However, 6 is a bigger number than both 0, and 1! PROGRESS!