Mum Reviews: Kanye West – Hey Mama

Mum Reviews

It’s finally over. Mum’s journey is at an end, and although I haven’t achieved my aim of turning her into a rap lover, I did make her listen to some terrible words. (Thanks X). In the end, we’re finishing on a song that captures our relationship pretty perfectly. Although this was a close second. Take us home ‘Ye.

What a beautiful song with lovely words! Nobody takes drugs, swears, urinates, gets sick or ends up pimping! Perhaps rap isn’t so bad after all! A wonderful tribute to a hard working mother (to which I can relate!) and I admire the singer’s resolve to reverse the circumstances to improve his mother’s life.

For real. Don’t be expecting something like this for when you die.

I liked the beat, the words and the tone which was not aggressive unlike previous songs I have commented on. Very pleasant to listen to and extremely touching. The words in this song are positive, really special and heartfelt. I would listen to this again and would recommend it to someone perhaps as an introduction to rap instead of a grand finale. It is nice to end this exercise with an emotional ending. A poignant and well-meaning song with the ultimate accolade to a loving mother!


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MumRank: 10/10

A 10! AN ACTUAL 10! I DON’T BELIEVE IT! Shame it had to happen to Kanye though. If he finds out, he’ll be fucking insufferable.


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