Mum Reviews: 2Pac – I Ain’t Mad At Cha

Mum Reviews

Everything is awful. First, Mum gave Tribe a 4, which is the most wrong anyone has ever been about anything, ever. And then, I gave her some DMX out of spite, which has only deepened the divide. My faith in the power of rap music is waning. It’s all on Pac to save everything.

I quite like this one because it tells a story I can understand. I’m thinking it’s about a guy who has a friend who then converted to Islam. Obviously he is sad because he no longer has someone to play or mess around with. Then he gets into scrapes and upsets his mother (understandable!) and I’m guessing it’s somebody else’s fault that this guy ends up in prison? It usually is!

Those are the quaintest descriptions of religious conversion and gang violence I’ve ever heard.

I’m not sure it’s necessary to be using vulgar language to convey such a story. I did like the chorus bit which was sung by the lady in the background who had a lovely voice. She wasn’t swearing and it was very pleasant.

Danny Boy is absolutely, 100%, not a lady.

I quite liked this song, and I liked the chorus and the story. The tone did not appear to be as angry as the others I have heard.

MumRank: 6.5/10

Wherever you are Pac, and I know you’re alive somewhere, thank you for rescuing this project.

tupac smiling and winking