Mum Reviews: Chief Keef – I Don’t Like

Mum Reviews

Mum didn’t like her her first taste of the rap game. You know who else doesn’t like things? Chief Keef! He wrote a song about it and everything! And mum listened to it! Her comments are in bold below.

“I found this song very cathartic and trance like.”

I mean… sure?

“It may have something to do with the fact that all the men participating appeared stoned.”

Wow. Scalding. In fairness, it might have been lean?

“I found watching the video very sad to think that this may be how young people get their kicks, in what appears to be a very distorted and lonely environment.”

Mum, you know nothing of distorted and lonely environments until you’ve listened to Drake.

“Songs like this are trying to normalise swearing, drugs, being foul mouthed and vulgar. I wonder if people listening to this kind of music ever envisage having children? Would they wish their offspring to aspire to this culture, or would they want to protect them? Somehow to me, the band singing this song seemed to cheapen life.”

CHEAPEN. LIFE. Not since Katy Perry’s tweet has Keef’s artistic output been shown such disdain.

“I don’t confess to having understood all the words. Suffice to say they sounded vicious, angry and repetitive to say the least. I am not sure I understood what message this song was trying to give out, so I didn’t really get anything from it.”


MumRank: 0/10

Things aren’t getting better. Please don’t kill my mum, Keef.

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